About Me

All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; 

J.R.R. Tolkien

Since this is my blog, I get to finally realize all of my megalomaniac tendencies and make my own rules. *Insert Mandark laugh* These rules may change without warning—because it’s a whole new year y’all.

A quick warning for anyone that happened upon this blog organically and wasn’t personally invited by yours truly. First off: HELLO! I’M SO EXCITED YOU’RE HERE! But second: I’m from the American South and it will most definitely influence my writing. Thanks y’all.

Writing. Right. The reason we’re all here…supposedly. I’m going to continue with that premise. And the premise for this blog is as follows:

  1. April: I moved across the state to the Big City for a new job
  2. May: I read “Julie & Julia” about a woman starting a blog
  3. June: I helped start a book club at said new job
  4. October: I joined BuzzFeed’s new online book club
  5. November: I visited Budapest, one of my annual international trips
  6. December: A member of the BuzzFeed book club asked about books by non-American authors…

All of the pieces finally clicked in my silly little brain as 2018 came to a close and I thought this would be a great creative outlet.

Let’s get to blogging!